Our story

The founders of wisementor have always been fascinated and invested in understanding what drives learning and growth. While there are arguably several factors involved, there are countless examples to suggest that one avenue to accelerated growth is to surround yourself with people that have significantly more wisdom than you.

So what is wisdom?

The dictionary definition of wisdom is the combination of knowledge, experience and good judgement, all of which typically need to be acquired over a long period of time.

Unfortunately, because of the amount of time required to achieve these attributes, and because of programmed working ages, those with the most wisdom often lose their influence and reach to shape future generations, just when they have the most to share and the time and space to share it.

Simultaneously, our increasingly consumer driven societies have inadvertently extended ideas like planned obsolescence to people and by and large we measure a person's worth by the number of technical skills they can bring to the table, instead of appreciating that human soft skills may be the only thing of value as we shift to a more automated economy.

The consequence of this is that we are no longer fostering two-way relationships between elders, who can share insights form their successes and failures, and future generations who provide a critical perspective on how the world is changing.

While it is clearly important that new opportunities are created for future generations and to constantly test new ideas, at wisementor we see a huge opportunity to combine the young and the wise to powerful effect.

Vision & Mission

We believe in a world where generational knowledge is transferred and utilized more easily and frequently and where future generations have the support they need in an increasingly complex world.

It is our belief that by improving how knowledge is transferred between generations we are more likely to reduce wastage, more likely to find the answers we are looking for, and become more understanding and tolerant of difference.

At wisementor we are dedicated to constantly finding new, modern and creative ways to facililate learning and growth between the audiences we serve.

Our first step toward this goal is by making it easier for people to find and collaborate with incredibly talented people with over 25 years experience in their field, using all of the modern technologies available on the web today.

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